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Identifying Concrete Problems

Although it might not seem like a big deal, issues with the concrete around your house can cause big problems in the long run. A single rogue crack can turn into a leaky basement in no time, which is part of the reason I started focusing so much on evaluating concrete issues. I realized that by identifying problems early, I could have them addressed proactively to resolve the problem. This website is all about identifying issues with your concrete so that you can get things fixed quickly the first time around. Read more about concrete issues on this blog and why they are so dangerous.


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3 Winter Foundation Problems That Will Need Repair Before Spring Rains Come

During the winter months, there are a lot of problems that can affect your foundation. Most of these problems are due to freezing. Cold creates natural forces that push on your foundation and can cause cracking and serious structural problems. There are some things that you can do to prevent some of these problems, and there are also repairs that you will want to have done before spring arrives. Here are some of the winter foundation problems that you may have to deal with before the spring rains come:

1. Problems with Doors and Windows in Your Home

One of the most obvious signs that there are winter foundation problems in your home is windows and doors that are not working properly or damaged. There are a couple of foundation problems that can cause the openings for windows and doors to become out of square, which causes them to not work properly. It may be due to settling of the foundation, or it can be caused during winter weather as moisture beneath your foundation freezes and pushes up; causing damage to window and door openings.

2. Visible Cracks in Walls Caused by Winter Foundation Problems

Another problem that you will want to look for with your foundation is obvious cracks. These cracks are often visible on exterior walls and your home's foundation, but there may be cracks in other areas. You will want to look for damage in areas inside your one, which can be at walls and ceilings where your foundation is damaged.

3. Visible Stress and Damage to Floors Do to Winter Foundation Problems

There may also be visible signs of stress and damage that you need to deal with when doing repairs. Some of the visible signs of damage can be seen in floors and other finishes inside your home, such as cabinets and counter tops that have come loose due to the foundation problems. First, you will need to correct the foundation problem that is causing the damage, and then, you will be ready to do any repairs that are needed for these materials in your home.

These are some of the winter foundation problems that you may have to deal with before the spring rains come. Contact a concrete service to help with some of these repairs to your home. As the temperatures get warmer, some of the visible problems can get worse, which is why it is important to do repairs when they are needed. For more information, contact companies like R. Pepin & Sons Inc.