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Identifying Concrete Problems

Although it might not seem like a big deal, issues with the concrete around your house can cause big problems in the long run. A single rogue crack can turn into a leaky basement in no time, which is part of the reason I started focusing so much on evaluating concrete issues. I realized that by identifying problems early, I could have them addressed proactively to resolve the problem. This website is all about identifying issues with your concrete so that you can get things fixed quickly the first time around. Read more about concrete issues on this blog and why they are so dangerous.


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How To Prevent Injury When Concrete Cutting

Working in the construction industry comes with a host of risks, and concrete cutting is no exception. Concrete cutting requires the use of specialized equipment that has to be carefully operated in order to remain safe, so it is crucial that everyone involved knows what to do to decrease the risk of injury, including the following:

Wear the Proper Protective Gear

As with any construction job, concrete cutting requires special gear to keep the workers safe. The person doing the cutting as well as those working nearby should protect themselves from any flying particles. Goggles are very important, as bits of concrete can do major damage to the eyes. A respiratory mask is also necessary if you are working for an extended period of time, as the dust from the concrete can damage the lungs. In addition, protective gloves and boots are necessary to prevent damage to your hands and feet.

Have a Plan of Action

When concrete cutting, it is important to have a plan of action before you begin. This will help prevent any potential accidents when you are using the blade. Have your cutting lines prepared and pay attention to the rotation of the blade as you go. Do not try to hurry through the job, as you not only risk hurting yourself or those around you, but you could also do damage to your project.

Know How to Handle Distractions

It can be easy to get distracted on the worksite. With all the noises and people around, it is important that you quickly learn how to deal with these distractions. Interruptions are also a distraction that you will need to be ready for. If you are interrupted while you are cutting, you will need to turn off your machine completely. Place it in a safe place until you can focus your full attention on your work.

Know What Is Underground

Another important component of concrete cutting is knowing what is underneath the ground. Use a ground-penetrating radar to detect anything that may be underneath that could cause problems for your project. This useful technology is a very handy tool to prevent injury or damage to yourself and others, while also keeping the integrity of your work.

If you are new to concrete cutting, be sure to work closely with an experienced professional before diving in on your own. Make an extra effort to familiarize yourself with the risks so that you are fully prepared for the job. Contact a company like KC Coring & Cutting to learn more.