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Identifying Concrete Problems

Although it might not seem like a big deal, issues with the concrete around your house can cause big problems in the long run. A single rogue crack can turn into a leaky basement in no time, which is part of the reason I started focusing so much on evaluating concrete issues. I realized that by identifying problems early, I could have them addressed proactively to resolve the problem. This website is all about identifying issues with your concrete so that you can get things fixed quickly the first time around. Read more about concrete issues on this blog and why they are so dangerous.


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What To Do When Moving Concrete Into Difficult Locations Become Necessary

Working with concrete is challenging, and sometimes pouring foundations, pads, or footings requires concrete trucks to get into tight spots or onto construction sites. Obstacles or soft soil can hinder the process, but hiring a concrete pumping service to help move the concrete can make a huge difference. 

Concrete Pumping 

Concrete comes to the job site in a large mixing truck and can haul as much as ten or more yards of material at one time. The weight of the truck and the concrete combined is significant, and the trucks are large so it can often be challenging to get to the perfect spot to pour the concrete. 

Alternatively, your contractor can hire a concrete pumping service with a specially designed truck with a boom attached to it. The boom can reach over items and across a long distance to reach the forms or the pour location. 

Using a pumping service means that the incoming concrete trucks never have to squeeze into tight areas because they unload the concrete into the pump truck for distribution to the site. The boom also allows the concrete trucks to deliver the material to locations that are overhead, like buildings that are getting concrete floors as they are erected. 

The boom truck operator can control the arm movement and the concrete flow from on the ground or close to the pour with a remote system if needed, making the process fast and safe to use. The concrete pumping service is often a separate company from the concrete supplier. However, local suppliers have likely worked with the pumping service enough that they can help you contact them and coordinate the timing of concrete deliveries to make things work smoothly. 

Scheduling Concrete Pumping

The concrete contractor working on the job site is responsible for getting the material to the job, ensuring the concrete pumping service is on-site and set up, and coordinating the pour from start to finish. When pumping concrete, the mix needs to be a little looser than if you are pouring it. A mixing plant operator that has experience with concrete pumping can help you determine what you need on the day of the pour. 

It is essential to check with the concrete pumping service you will use to determine if there is anything special that needs to happen with the mix to make it flow effectively in their trucks. Different trucks have different requirements, so get the specifics from the pumping service and pass the information along to the concrete supplier or have them check with the pumping service you are using. 

If the two companies have worked together in the past, the supplier may already know what they need to do and what consistency the concrete should be for best results.

Contact a local concrete pumping service to learn more.